Project: Cornucopia of Doom

I loves me some Halloween. My inner goth loves to come out to play and she wants to make something disturbing, but decorative. I took inspiration from Don't Throw It Away! published in 1973. There are many, many wonderfully wacky projects in this book that I want to have a go at, (I can't wait to make the combat boot planter/lamp!) but once I saw the cornucopia with all of its god-awful plastic fruit a-spillin' out, I knew I'd stumbled on the germ of a good Halloween idea- the Cornucopia of Doom! (Great name for a goth band, yes?)

What you'll need:

  • Plastic skeletons, lots of them!
  • Polyester spider webbing
  • Black paint and paintbrush
  • Wicker cornucopia
  • Hot glue gun
  • Optional: plastic rats, spiders or whatever other icky things you want to add

I like to get Eleanor involved in my projects, and sometime she downright insists on doing so. I let her paint the cornucopia black.

I filled the cornucopia with some plastic grocery bags to fill up most of the space and hot glued a bunch of the polyester spiderweb stuff around the rim so that it appeared to spill out of the cornucopia. The spiderwebbing was to pristine, so I applied a liberal amount of dirt and grime to it. I also wound the plastic mock-barbed wire around the cornucopia and added a plastic spider to the top.

After hotgluing skeleton bits and pieces (lots of them- the more the better I figured), I decided that the spider webbing was still too clean, so I doused it liberally with a batch of very strong tea.

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