Project: Applique Curtain

I made a potato print curtain for my kitchen window and since then I've been troubled by yet another window in my house in dire need of a makeover, namely my bathroom window which had a pathetic broken Venetian blind covering it. It would have been hard for me to spend time working on something else of a non-curtain variety for this month's project when that damn ugly thing confronted me every time I went into the bathroom, so it's curtains again, folks.

This time I took my inspiration from the front and back cover of the 1965 edition of The Stitchery Book. Those hippy-dippy felt flowers and the little bits of nature all tied and bound like some sort of crafty S&M project had been calling to me for months now and this was my chance to use them.

What you'll need:

  • Unbleached muslin (enough to cover window plus 1" selvege on sides and 2" extra to roll around dowels at top and bottom of curtain
  • Felt in natural colors
  • Other natural objects (must be somewhat flat)
  • Embroidery floss and needle
  • Two wooden dowels slightly larger than the width of your window
  • Hardware for hanging curtain (eyelet hooks work well)

I made the whole curtain panel from scratch this time. I constructed the curtain panel from unbleached muslin (cheap- this project cost next to nothing!) and two dowels that I hot glued to the bottom and top of the panel. I raided Michael's for any cool twigs, moss, feathers, shells and rocks I could find, but I only ended up using birch twigs.

I cut some curvy-wurvy organic shapes like the ones on the cover of The Stitchery Book out of cream felt. I also cut out a coral shape from red felt because I'm really into coral right now and it seemed like the right thing to add. I tacked the pieces on with fabric glue and used a variety of different embroidery stitches to sew the pieces on. The branches are held on by hot glue and more embroidery floss.

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